No Zumba today nor tomorrow 🙁 sorry for that!

Instead here you have a 40 min class that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. This will be available from today at 12 and 24hrs. STUDENT CODE: AD1817

More knowledge

So I don’t how you feel but I have a constant need of feeding my mind, of learning, of implementing things both personally but also for my business. Not only to get more knowledge but also to be able to help others even more, to share the wisdom.

I just finished up Day 1 of 4 of the workshop with Paul O’Mahony.

You know what the great thing about learning and taking courses is how sometimes you have to listen to things in a certain way to be able to get it, or just that sometime you don’t hear things until you are really ready.

What do you like about learning? Do you prefer reading, going on courses, workshops or retreats?

/Aham brahmasmi


If you checked any of the □ then Mindvalley is something for you?
If you didn’t check any of the □ Mindvalley might still be something for you!
The nr of courses, talks, workshops that you find there are amazing and I really do believe there is at least on thing for everyone.
Mindvalley has not only been a platform for myself development but also a platform to grow as a coach, to change the perceptions that aren’t moving me forward and so much more.
On the 18th the summit starts, where you for 3 days can for free listen to some of the amazing coaches, teachers, psychologist and motivational speakers that are part of Mindvalley. Sign up