Knowledge vs not knowing

I can’t help to think that the difference between not knowing and knowing something is how much you put yourself out there. I mean this pro surfer knows what he is doing, he has done it for years, he feels secure enough to take his kid out for a ride on the wave. Easy peasy, he is secure at what he is doing. Others don’t even dare to get on a surfboard because they have never done it before and they will definitely not take their kid on a ride 🌊.

At the end of the day it is all about doing something so many times that you will feel so comfortable doing it that it becomes natural and easy. So the question is…. What are you not doing because of fear? 🤯What would you like to do but aren’t doing it because you mind to much about what others might think? Or because you don’t want to “make a fool of yourself”?  If you want to try something or do something why not do it and try it several times until you get good at it!

We only have this ⏳lifetime… so what are you doing with it?
Are you not living it as you wish because of fear? Because things are to be done in a certain way? Because we have been brought up to belive something else? Because you don’t want to fail at something?

Can you imagine a baby giving up before trying something because it would be scared to fail? They won’t walk, talk, eat by themselves? Crazy right! 😜We won’t get so far… but yet when we get older that is exactly what we do. We stop doing thing because the fear of failure, of messing things up, of being outside the norm. Connect back to your inner child! Connect back to you curiosity.

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Goal Setting

Do you set exiting goals 🧿 for yourself?
And I really mean the kind of goals where you can feel the butterflies 🦋both of excitement and that little scary😬 feeling of doing something outside your comfort zone!

The important in not only to have that goal that gets you all fired 🔥up but also to see and work towards it!! If you don’t know whats steps to take, relax, just keep looking👀 at that goal, focus on how are you as a person when you have achieved that goal and start becoming that person.
➡️ Then write 📜 down whatever idea that comes into your mind no matter how out there it is. It is important to listen to you intuition!
How would the world🌎 be if people before us wouldn’t had listened to the 🧠 thoughts that popped into their head because it was “too out there” or “not possible” 🛸?
When you quiet down all the surrounding noise of whats good, bad, normal, not normal ect then you wil be able to listen to your intuition. 💫
And is that intuition that leads 吝 the way to you goal. 🛎

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